Literacy in the Digital Age!

I have never heard the term digital literacy so I started with a definition. I thought that Literacy in the Digital age meant like reading from a tablet or something. Yes, I know, I’m a blonde!
Defining Digital Age Literacy. “ “ Digital Age Literacy includes the following: Basic Literacy: Language proficiency (in English) and numeracy at levels necessary to function on the job and in society to achieve one’s goals and to develop one’s knowledge and potential in this Digital Age.

Digital Age Literacy – Chesterfield County Public Schools…/Digital-Age-Literacy-Crosswalk-to-CCF.pd
After, reading this definition, I realized that I was wrong about my personal definition of literacy in the digital age.
While I was researching Literacy in the Digital Age, I didn’t really know what digital literacy was, so I started looking at examples, here is what I found.
Examples of Digital Literacy. Understanding how to use web browsers, search engines, email, text, wiki, blogs, Photoshop, Powerpoint, video creation/editing software , etc. to showcase learning. Evaluating online resources for accuracy/trustworthiness of information.Oct 1, 2011

Creating Digital Citizens –What is Digital Literacy? – Purposeful …—what-is-digital-literacy.html
After finding these examples, I realized that I have been using digital literacy without realizing that I was using it. How many times as this happened to you? I think that if our students are using any of the examples from above then we should let them know “Hey students, guess what? You’re using digital literacy!” By telling the students that they are using literacy in the digital age then they will know what it means. I think that it is important to let students use email, powerpoint, etc. because then when they go to look for jobs, they can put that they have experience using these types of technology on their resumes.
The link “Creating Digital Citizens goes into more depth with examples and non-examples of literacy in the digital age. There are also links that go into detail about Literacy in the digital age in the classroom. I really do like this site because it gives more examples and it provides links that go into more detail about how we can use digital literacy in the classroom.
The link Digital Age Literacy- Chesterfield County Public Schools explains what it is like growing up in the digital age. It then it explains what digital literacy is and how we can use it in the 21st century. This link is very lengthy, but I think that it is a very good read and would highly recommend reading it.
Well, that’s all I have for today! Blog you next time!!

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